Alternatives of Diamond Rings- An Overview

A real diamond ring is quite expensive and worthy for any normal person to buy. It is the best gift a man can present to his wife on her birthday, wedding ceremony and other special occasions. It has a sparkle in it which is not possessed by any other gemstone. Women love to experience special feelings by wearing such a stunning graceful jewelry. A real diamond stone is colorless. But many factors forced to bring alternatives of the diamond. These factors are:

  • Changing interest and demands of the people
  • And increasing competition

A normal person who is serving under some company can’t afford to buy this precious gemstone and make his wife happy. His income is half the price of the diamond. How could such a man afford to buy such an expensive diamond ring? He doesn’t have any other option but to go for alternatives of the diamond.learn more here

Another reason for alternative ring is that some women don’t like a colorless ring. They want some color due to increasing fashion of similarity among every thing they wear. Women want similarity among their clothes, shoes, jewelry and other things. The changing demands of women bring with them a lot of alternatives of diamond bands.

The most famous alternatives of diamond rings are:

  • Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia rings are made from synthetic gemstone that looks likes real diamond. These rings have the sparkle in them which is brighter than crystal due to which they look like real diamond band. It is available at affordable prices. It disperses light the same way like real diamond ring.

  • White Sapphire

White Sapphire is also well-known diamond alternate. It has different colors except “red” color. It has a lot of elements in it due to which it has different colors like iron, titanium, chromium which produces different sapphire shades.

  • Moissanite

Moissanite is also good alternate of diamond. It is inspiring diamond bands due to the fact it last longer. It resembles diamond to larger extent that no one could find out the difference between the Moissanite and the real diamond ring. It will be less costly to buy and one could afford to present it to express love and care.

  • Ruby

It is also one of the beautiful alternatives of real diamond rings. Ruby is a precious gemstone with rich red and pink shades. It is good option for women who want to wear a colorful diamond ring. It is comfortable and has a colorful red sparkling.

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