Annapolis Brothers Powerwashing – Some Insights

If you have your own power washer, continued maintenance and proper storage are essential for ensuring a long life for your equipment. For these reasons, it’s helpful to know some of the common problems that occur with power washing equipment, as well as some basic solutions.annapolis brothers powerwashing

Power Washer Pulses

If you feel a pulsing sensation when you use the spray nozzle, it likely means that the tip is clogged. To fix this problem, turn off the engine and water supply. Point the nozzle away from people and objects, then push on the trigger release or safety latch and release excess pressure by squeezing the trigger. You can then remove the spray tip and clear any debris from the opening with a paper clip.

The Pump Vibrates or Chatters

When a power wash machine pump begins to vibrate or sounds like it is chattering, you likely have a water supply issue, or the inlet line may be bent or otherwise damaged. To start, check the water supply of your power wash machine. If that appears sufficient, examine the inlet line to ensure it’s straight. If bent or damaged, replace it with a new line. Also, if a float valve is stuck or the pump system has air trapped in it, this can also cause noise or vibration.

Streaky Work Surface

If you notice that the surface you are cleaning has streaking or striping, you are likely using a setting that is too strong and is causing damage to the surface. Other actions that can cause damage include not maintaining enough distance from an object, failing to maintain a steady spray pattern or working too quickly.

Low Water Output

Low water volume can be caused by a clogged spray tip. Alternatively, water may not be flowing into the power washing equipment properly. To correct this, shut off the engine and release the trapped pressure from the power wash machine. Then check the hose for clogs by disconnecting it and running water through it. Remove any debris on the power washer’s inlet screen. Also, the hose length can affect the water pressure. Replace a longer hose on your power washer with one that is less than 50 feet long.

The Detergent Fails to Correctly Mix

Some power wash machines require a special spray tip or a low-pressure setting when using detergents. If the detergent in your power washing equipment is still not mixing properly, make sure the detergent valve is turned to the “on” position.

Water Spews Out of the Pressure Washer

To prevent overheating, your hot water power wash machine may have a thermal relief valve installed. This means the power washer may remain in a bypass mode until you pull the trigger. While in the bypass mode, warm water will get hotter because cool water does not circulate through the power wash machine. Because of this, turn of the power washer if you won’t be using it immediately, and pull the trigger every 60 seconds when you are using it.