A Closer Look Into Volvo XC60 Review

Safety sells. And who would know this better than Volvo, the company accurately credited with developing many of today’s automotive technologies which have saved perhaps hundreds of thousands of lives over several decades? That reputation for safety has been shared with automakers around the world, attracting buyers to a brand that has long put its customers first even when profits were threatened.Source

Innovative Volvo Technology

Most recently, Volvo has shown that it can add design innovation to its long list of attributes with the Volvo XC60 being the first crossover model developed by the company. Also known as crossover utility vehicles or CUVs, these types of vehicle are built on car-based platforms while SUVs are derived from trucks. The result is a much smoother, quieter ride with better handling and with no sacrifice to interior room. Indeed, when all five passenger seats are occupied, everyone is treated to comfortable seats with plenty of head and leg room to spare.

And the Volvo XC60 is no slouch on the road either. Powered by a 3.0L turbocharged V6 engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, the Volvo crossover has enough oomph in it to charge up hills as well as move itself on snowy roads or traverse muddy terrains. If pulling a trailer is part of the XC60 experience, the Volvo doesn’t disappoint as it has been rated with a 3300 lb towing capacity.

Cutting Edge Safety Feature

The Volvo XC60 is also the first Volvo model that as outfitted with City Safety a feature when activated which will automatically stop the crossover when the car “senses” that a fender bender is imminent. Built in sensors detect the Volvo’s distance between it and the car stopped in front of it, automatically activating the brake system and bringing the Volvo crossover to a stop. This means that if you’re busy doing something besides paying attention to the car in front of you, City Safety will stop your Volvo before a wreck takes place. Of course, the technology has limitations in that it doesn’t prevent collisions when operated at high speeds.

Volvo pioneered City Safety technology which is spreading across its entire product line. Likely, in a few years, other automakers will join in, but for now Volvo again demonstrates its safety leadership. And with a long list of other safety features standard, the XC60 goes far in protecting occupants and other drivers as it swiftly makes its way around town.

Safety, Power Trump Fuel Efficiency

One drawback for the Volvo XC60 is that it uses quite a bit of gas, getting a combined 18 mpg thanks in part to its all wheel drive capability. Weighing just over two tons, buyers will understand that both power and safety add to the curb weight, attributes that customers seem to prize even when fuel efficiency is sacrificed.