Good Dental Care

Good dental care makes a real contribution to your overall well being. The wise consumer can ensure that money spent on dental care is good value. The staff at your dental practice will be able to supply you with detailed information on all aspects of dentistry in Ireland.By clicking we  getting your dentures via medigap.

The cost of health care is a concern to most people. The obvious way to reduce cost is to prevent or control dental disease. You should:

  1. Have regular dental check-ups

-For the early detection of problems

-For advice on self care

  1. Practice effective home care

-Brush daily with a soft or medium brush

-Floss between teeth

-Use fluoride toothpaste

-Watch you diet (reduce sugary foods and drinks and reduce snacks)

  1. Wear protection when playing contact sports

-Use mouthguards for contact sports… the professionals do!