High Tech Loading Dock Equipment

A shipyard or warehouse is a busy and crowded place. A lot is happening at once, space is tight, and the opportunity for accidents is high. Someone could get hurt. Goods might get broken. Equipment could be damaged. You cannot really save money at the dockyard by using low-quality machinery because you will end up paying out one way or the other.


Loading dock equipment should include towing trailers and lift trucks. Formats for these machines are widely varied, thanks to high tech solutions. Get behind the wheel and drive one before you buy it. The machine should feel drivable, but safe, not flimsy like a bumper car with a fork lift attached to the end. Agents will help you find the machine rated for your load weights. You may find more information at selecting the right equipment.

A four-directional truck lifts and lowers in all directions as the name suggests. This takes away the need to make tight turns that so often cause damage in narrow corridors. In spite of their capacity to lift more than 4,000 pounds in some cases, these are sturdy and balanced. Other lifts reach forward, swing and reach, or load to the side.

Order pickers are also fork lifts. Their configurations differ, but again, choose a product to suit the pressure it will be put under and how heavy loads will be. Order pickers can also be used as stackers.

If you have watched planes come in at the airport, you are familiar with trailers that lug loads of racks and carts behind them like caterpillars. The same sort of machine is used at a shipyard or warehouse with several loads hooked onto a trailer and towed along to their destination, such as the loading bay.

New Data

One reason new loading dock and material handling equipment like fork lifts are so much better today is that there is greater speed control. This makes it easier to stop and avoid collisions, but also easier to accelerate away and get work done more quickly. Products are energy efficient, saving companies money. Batteries retain their power for longer.

Money Saving Strategies

Businesses that expect large loads and long days of loading or transporting pallets of goods might consider buying new products. These will last many seasons on the dockyard. A variety of options accommodates several budgets. If the price range is still too high, or you really need a product but cannot afford new, consider purchasing rebuilt equipment. Skilled mechanics revitalize pieces that their former owners did not want, or they service rentals to become suitable for owners.