Medicare Mistakes That Could Prevent Walk in Bathtub Reimbursement

Medicare has very strict regulations for any providers that they work with. Each provider has to go through a very careful screening process. Once the screening process is complete, the supplier receives a Medicare number.Image result for Mistakes to Avoid When Deciding On The Best Medicare Advantage Plan

Is a good idea to do some research into the cost of walk in baths as well as remodeling costs that might be connected with installing a walk in bath. You will only receive a partial reimbursement, if you get one at all, so you want to have a very accurate financial picture.If you’re looking for more tips, Check This Out

Become familiar with the different models and their advantages and disadvantages. Also make sure that a walk in bathtub passes certification standards. Generally, if a walk in tub is certified by the American National Standards Institute or the Canadian Standards Association, you can be sure that the quality of the walk in tub needs minimum standards. It’s not worth purchasing a walk in bathtub that is not certified. Remember the lead scare from China.Image result for Mistakes to Avoid When Deciding On The Best Medicare Advantage Plan

Once you have done your research and know how much you can expect to spend, it’s time to visit the doctor. There are several reasons why a walk in bathtub could be part of a doctor’s prescription for improving or maintaining your health.

A walk in bathtub can provide the same effect as a hot tub which has been clinically proven to improve blood sugar management in diabetics.
Stroke victims, with their reduced mobility, benefit from walk in tubs.
Arthritis sufferers benefit from the walk in bath experience.
Without a physician’s prescription, based upon your medical need, Medicare will not consider your request for reimbursement. It’s vital that you get this. Walk in bathtubs are not usually considered durable medical equipment (DME) because they can be used by other family members. But exceptions have already been made in the past, because a walk in tub can be so important for keeping seniors out of the nursing home.
The only way you can know if your application for reimbursement will be accepted is by submitting a request. By making sure you work with a Medicare approved vendor and secure a medical prescription for your walk in tub, you can increase the odds that you will get at least a partial reimbursement of your walk in tub purchase price.

You won’t be able to ask for reimbursement on the remodeling costs, so don’t submit a receipt from your contractor. Just provide Medicare with a copy of the prescription and the vendor receipt along with the paperwork.