Property Crime Prevention Instructions

It’s important to never leave indications that you are not home. For example never leave your trash cans or recycle bins curb side after being emptied, never leave notes indicating no one is home; leave package on front porch. Have a look at this article¬†for more info on this.An unoccupied home is one of the first things burglars or would be criminals will look for, it makes a perfect target.

Keep all outside sheds, storages, gates or entries to your property closed and pad locked with high quality locks. This takes away easy access; anything that will slow them down makes them look elsewhere.

Store all outdoor valuables such as grills, patio furniture, and lawn equipment in sheds, however that’s not always the most practical, so locking them to permanent fixtures like posts or trees are great alternatives. Remember out of sight out of mind is the best policy.

Planting shrubs or bushes with thorns and other abrasive foliage near windows will detour entry. For example: Cactus, Roses, and Briar shrubs. Keep in mind trimming all shrubs and bushes keeps the opportunity for burglars to hide at a minimum.

Security lighting all around the house is one of the best ways to ward off would be burglars. Porch lights at each entry, flood Lights with motion or dusk to dawn sensors hard wired to your house or that run off of solar systems keep your property lit and burglars out.

Install outdoor cameras and DVR recording equipment to be aware of what is going on at your house when you’re home or away. There is some great software that works in concert with your surveillance system that lets you see your house on the internet live from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Never leave your spare key in obvious locations like under the doormat, above the door trim, under plants or rocks that are distinguishable from the others. The best practice is to leave the spare key with a trusted neighbor or friend.

Always lock you vehicle doors and don’t leave anything of value in your vehicle. It only takes seconds for burglars to gain entry, find what they want and move on. Locking valuables in your trunk is another option.

Make sure your house number is highly visible for emergency persons to see. For example display them in an unobstructed and visible location on your house, mail box or painted on the curb. All three locations are best if it is possible.

Install security system signs in your yard and on the windows. This is another deterrent for would be burglars.

In summary, these instructions are in random order each is important to follow. There are many ways to maximize your safety and personal security. Though it’s never guaranteed; by implementing these proven instructions the risk for your house from being targeted by criminals is greatly reduced.