Top Rotary Die Cutting Tools

Die cutting can take on many shapes and sizes when it comes to die cutting tools. The cost and dimension depends largely on what you intend to do with it all. Are you a business owner that needs die cutting or precision die cutting on a daily basis or large scale? Are you a hobbyist? Do you enjoy making die cut crafts for family and friends? There are a myriad of die cut machines you can use for many different projects and there is also a vast difference in pricing. In case you didn’t realize, a die cutter can be hand-held or it can be an enormous zillion dollar machine! So, here we will break it down for you with use and approximate price range to familiarize you with it.

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– The OLFA rotary circle cutter: This will run you under $20 and you can tell it is only for circles and limited geometrical shapes. It is very light weight and is meant only to reduce wrist fatigue. This is for very small hobbyist projects.

– Fiskars circle cutter: This is much like the OLFA but is round and plastic and only meant for small circles and again, to assist with small geometrical shapes. There are two replacement blades it comes with for under $20 dollars.

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– Dewalt Bare: Precision cutter which is easy to remove the bits without a wrench. This is a convenient hand-held for small projects. This will run you in the neighborhood of $80 on sale and over $100 retail.

– Acu Go fabric cutter: This is over $200 dollars and claims to be 90% faster than scissors and rotary cutting. It comes with a die and mat so you can get to it right away.

– Reliable 4 inch rotary cutting machine: This is a rotary cutter that is used for home or small industrial projects. It is easy to use and can cut whatever you are good at basically it will depend on your adeptness with the machine. This one will set you back around $159.00

– Makita Die Grinder: This tool to be used for grinding already cut dies will run you close to $300 and has a one year warranty.

– Acu quilt GO baby fabric die cutter: This will run you roughly $30 and is a precision cutter.