Uses Of Distributed Antenna Systems

-Extend RF coverage in building for seamless wireless coverage

-Supports all Frequency Bands worldwide

-Expandable System

-For use in Malls, Airports, Office Buildings, Subways and more…

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are used  to extend coverage of mobile telephone signals in buildings and tunnels, where outdoor radio signals do not reach. In-Building and Tunnel Coverage Systems.Do you want to learn more

The SUCOceed™ DAS family consists of various product lines or DAS concepts using coaxial or fiber-optic cables as transmission media. Each system provides a quick, easy and flexible system layout and offers a reliable system surveillance function. Huber+Suhner offers a variety of product lines designed to fit existing in-building and tunnel cabling infrastructures:




While each product line represents a self-contained DAS concept, combinations of them can be used to provide a hybrid solution. HUBER+SUHNER also offers a complete range of high quality Passive System Components to be used as add-ons to active DAS equipment or as dedicated building blocks for entirely passive distribution networks.