Whole House Generators – Commercial Generators

Being without electricity can be very costly. The home owner can lose food stored in the refrigerator and freezer. As well as the inconvenience of not having heat, air conditioning, television, and other electrical items we have grown accustom to having available. For the commercial or industrial user being without electric can be crippling in lost production, employee cost during no productivity, and other costly losses. Check This Out has some nice tips on this.

Whole house generators are two pole systems that run on low pressure gas or natural gas. These generators range from 8.5 – 16 kilowatts depending on the model. Most will come in 120/240 volt models, and can be purchased alone or in a package with an automatic transfer switch. The transfer switch is the panel that connects the whole house generator to your circuit breaker box. These transfer switches can come in automatic and manual models, however with a whole house system it is suggested to use the automatic model which will automatically switch to generator power when there is a power failure and back to standard electric source when the power has been restored. Another option for these generators is a super silent housing. This reduces the noise heard while the generator is operating. The whole house generator prices can range from $4,800 – $9,000 depending if you choose to purchase just the generator or a package with transfer switch and super silent housing.

Commercial generators and industrial generators are four pole systems that offer models that run on low pressure gas, natural gas, and diesel fuel. These units generally offer more power than the whole house generator models for larger facilities. The kilowatts of these models range from 18 – 115, and have 120/240, and 277/480 volt options. Like the home back up emergency power systems the industrial models can also have a super silent housing option to reduce outside noise. Also the commercial and industrial models offer an automatic transfer switch that can be purchase as a package with your generator.

Choosing the correct generator to meet your emergency power needs can be a confusing process. If you need back up power consult an expert to help you decide the best generator to meet your needs.